Highly Trained Veterinarians & Staff

We pride ourselves on the highest quality staff and training. Our staff is friendly and supportive and wants the best for your pets and you. We will provide the best training and support for you and your pet guaranteed.

Samantha Vernon – DVM

Dr. Vernon joined the staff in 2011, and in 2020 became the owner of the practice. After graduating from veterinary school at Western University, she completed an internship in equine practice at Southwest Equine Medical and Surgical Center in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to her DVM, Dr. Vernon holds a bachelors degree in Equine Science from Colorado State University. Although she is a horse girl at heart, Dr. Vernon is passionate about all aspects of mixed practice. She has completed specialized training in small animal orthopedic surgery, large and small animal ultrasound, equine lameness, surgery, and dentistry, among many other interests. Additionally, she serves our community as the President of the Cheyenne Animal Shelter, and is an active member of the AVMA and AAEP. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, competing with her cutting horses, and working with her 2 dogs in agility and stock work. On top of this, she serves us as the WORLDS BEST PIE MAKER!

Gary Norwood – DVM

Our clinic was started in 1982 by Dr. Gary Norwood.  At that time it was a very small business with only himself and one other employee. Dr. Norwood has been serving Cheyenne and the surrounding area for the past 39 years.  His compassionate care for our clients and their animals during that time have endeared him to many people. Dr. Norwood is an active member of our community, serving on the Board of Recover Wyoming, WYPAP and the AVMA.  He also is a great dancer and golfer, and can be seen dancing on the golf course throughout the season!

Brett Cherni – DVM

Dr. Cherni graduated from CSU Veterinary School in 2015. For the past five years he practiced veterinary medicine in Buffalo Wyoming where he spent most of his time shoulder deep in a cow. He did his undergraduate work in Laramie at the University of Wyoming where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. Dr. Cherni was born and raised in Northern Wyoming where he first developed his interest in veterinary medicine by his close interaction with livestock production and ranching.  His specialized interest include herd health management and bovine reproductive services such as heifer spaying and bovine ultrasound. However, He enjoys all aspects and challenges of mixed animal veterinary medicine. During his free time, you can either find him tucked away in the mountains camping with his family or catching an adrenaline rush down a mountain bike trail.  

Ashtyn Kilpatrick – DVM

I am a 2020 graduate from Colorado State University and am excited to join Frontier Veterinary Clinic. A Cheyenne native, I earned my associate’s degree in biology from Laramie County Community College before continuing on to earn my bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Wyoming. In my free time I enjoy hiking, camping, skiing, and spending time with family and friends.  

Katrina – Clinic Business Manager

Our Clinic Business Manager. Katrina keeps the clinic running and stars in many dance-offs against Colleen in the office.

Colleen – Assistant Clinic Manager

Colleen has been moved to the business office to keep Katrina in line. She is still ensuring all of our clients and their animals are well taken care of, she just isn’t the face at the front door anymore.

Amanda – CVT – Head Vet Tech

Amanda enjoys being our Head Veterinary Technician, in charge of all the really fun stuff.  She loves caring for animals and the veterinary field. She can handle whatever the day can bring! She has recently taken up making miniature boat in bottles.

Bailey – Vet Tech

 Bailey has decided to give up her commercial fishing job and will man our ship instead! She is used to rolling seas and working under pressure and should handle our stormy sea with ease. We are so excited to have such a competent sea captain in our group!

Dana – Vet Tech

Dana is part of our wonderful veterinary technician staff. She has such an analytical mind but wows us with her creative genius as our star mozzarella cheese maker and quilter. She also has a psychic connection with goats named Penelope or Eleanor.

Chelsea Vet Tech

Chelsea – Vet Tech

Chelsea originates from Pinedale, WY but has been sharpening her technician skills working in an emergency clinic in Denver for the past 8 years. She is fast, efficient and ready to take on all the challenges we have to offer! While in the big city she was approached by the secret, but not too secret organization P.U.G.S. and asked to be the newest member of their elite agent squad. She spends her off hours fighting for the love of all Pugs everywhere.

Lupita – Receptionist/Vet Assistant

 Lupita has joined forces with our outstanding reception/vet assistants, to bring the best care and customer service to all our clients and patients. Originally from Ft. Collins she has traveled to several different countries with her husband who is currently serving in our country’s military. She loves the outdoors and hiking with her four legged family members. Her travels have given her a special skill set as she has learned plate spinning! She is now up to 47 plates at once and is working on adding the instant pot into the performance. We can’t wait to see how it goes!

Ashley – Receptionist

Ashley is one of our new smiling faces at reception that will brighten your day no matter how bleak it may have been. She also pulls double duty as a veterinary assistant because no one around here has just one job! In her spare time she is master of hoola hoop –really! No jokes there and you can see her many times at local craft events selling her hoops. Oh and she may be in witness protection from a shady hoop deal but we are too afraid to ask.

Megan – Receptionist/Vet Assistant

Megan mans our phones, helps with all veterinary tasks with our veterinary team and loves pickling things. Her talents for pickling things would astound you! You have not lived until you have tried her pickled crickets or her pickled rose hips. She also has a rare talent for toe art. Who would ever imagine a toe could be so intriguing but just ask her to show you her portfolio some time, and you will agree!

Deb – Kennel Tech

Deb has more fire than 3 people! This is probably due to her fireball addiction! But all her energy keeps her going tending to all our grateful animals. She also holds daily yoga classes for our egg layers to encourage their chi alignments.

Kevin – Kennel Tech/Maintenance

Kevin wears many different hats in life, including our maintenance/kennel staff hat. He is also a volunteer firefighter with Fire District 2, and volunteers with Casa Ventosa Horse Rescue. He loves animals and taking care of all of them, but is now expanding his horizons to learn maintenance skills with us. Our staff loves food, and cooking food, but Kevin loves bread. His love for a crusty loaf is more than any of us combined. In fact we have decided instead of cold hard cash at the end of a work week we will be paying Kevin with a nice sourdough round or baguette. 

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